Born: Oc­to­ber 15, 1784, Wash­ing­ton, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Died: May 15, 1872, New York Ci­ty.

Buried: Green­wood Cem­e­tery, Brook­lyn, New York. Phoe­be Knapp and Hen­ry Beech­er lie near­by.

Son of a doctor, Hast­ings grew up as a farm boy, walk­ing six miles to school in the win­ter. He be­gan his ca­reer as a mu­sic teach­er. In 1823, he be­came ed­it­or of the Re­cord­er in Ut­i­ca, New York. From 1832 un­til his death, Hast­ings trained choirs and de­vel­oped re­li­gious mu­sic. He penned al­most 1,000 hymn tunes and 600 hymn texts. His son, who be­came pres­i­dent of Union The­o­lo­gic­al Sem­in­ary, said of him:

He was a devout and ear­nest Christ­ian, a hard stu­dent, and res­o­lute work­er, not lay­ing aside his pen un­til three days be­fore his death.

Hastings’ works in­clude:



  1. Be Tranquil, O My Soul
  2. Before Thy Footstool Kneeling
  3. Bleeding Hearts Defiled by Sin
  4. Child of Sin and Sorrow
  5. Child of Sorrow, Child of Care
  6. Children, Hear the Melting Story
  7. Delay Not, O Sinner, Draw Near
  8. Drooping Souls, No Longer Mourn
  9. Dying Souls, Fast Bound in Sin
  10. Father, We for Our Children Plead
  11. For Those in Bonds as Bound with Them
  12. Forbid Them Not, the Savior Cried
  13. Forget Thyself, Christ Bids Thee Come
  14. Forgive My Folly, O Lord Most Ho­ly
  15. Forgive Us, Lord, to Thee We Cry
  16. Gently, Lord, O Gently Lead Us
  17. Go Forth on Wings of Fervent Pray­er
  18. Go, Tune Thy Voice to Sac­red Song
  19. God of Mercy, Hear Our Pray­er
  20. God of the Morn­ing Ray
  21. God of the Na­tions, Bow Thine Ear
  22. Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morn­ing!
  23. He That Goeth Forth with Weeping
  24. Heirs of an Immortal Crown
  25. How Calm and Beautiful the Morn
  26. Hosanna to the King
  27. How Tender Is Thy Hand
  28. I Look to Thee, O Lord, Alone
  29. I Love the Lord, Whose Gracious Ear
  30. In This Calm, Impressive Hour
  31. In Time of Fear, When Trouble’s Near
  32. Jesus, Full of Every Grace
  33. Jesus, Merciful and Mild
  34. Jesus, Save My Dying Soul
  35. Jesus, While Our Hearts Are Bleeding
  36. Lord, I Would Come to Thee
  37. Lord Jehovah Lives, The
  38. Lord of the Harvest, Bend Thine Ear
  39. Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned
  40. Now Be the Gospel Banner
  41. Now from Labor, and from Care
  42. O God of Abraham, Hear
  43. O Lord, Behold Us at Thy Feet
  44. O Savior, Lend a Listening Ear
  45. O Tell Me, Thou Life and Delight of My Soul
  46. O Why Should Gloomy Thoughts Arise?
  47. Peace, Peace, I Leave with You
  48. Peace to Thee, O Favored One
  49. Pilgrims in This Vale of Sorrow
  50. Return, O Wanderer, to Thy Home
  51. Rosy Light Is Dawning, The
  52. Savior Bids Us Watch and Pray, The
  53. Savior, Hear Us Through Thy Merit
  54. Savior, I Look to Thee
  55. Savior of Our Ruined Race
  56. Savior, Thy Gentle Voice
  57. Soft and Ho­ly Is the Place
  58. That Warning Voice, O Sinner, Hear
  59. Thou God of Sovereign Grace
  60. Today the Savior Calls
  61. Wherever two or Three May Meet
  62. Why That Look of Sadness
  63. Why That Soul’s Commotion?
  64. Within These Quiet Walls, O Lord
  65. Zion, Dreary and in Anguish


  1. Byefield
  2. Franconia
  3. Illinois
  4. Invitation
  5. Luther
  6. Monson
  7. New Haven
  8. Ortonville
  9. Retreat
  10. Robinson
  11. Romberg
  12. Toplady
  13. Zion