Words: , 1906, third verse by F. K.; ap­peared in The Bi­ble School Hymn­al, ed­it­ed by and (New York: Tull­ar-Mer­e­dith Co., 1907), num­ber 219.

Music: .

If you know “F. K.”’s full name, or where to get a pho­to of him or Eliz­a­beth Wake­man

Angels chant the heav’nly song,
“Peace on earth, good-will”;
Hear the echo loud and long
On the midnight still;
“Glory, glory,” hear them say—
Christ the Lord is born today,
“Glory be to God in the highest, glory!
Peace on earth, good-will to men.”


Unto us is born a Savior,
Unto us is born a King;
“Peace on earth,” O chant the chorus,
Let the world with gladness sing.

Unto us is born a King,
Christ the Prince of peace;
Other kingdoms wane and fall,
His shall never cease;
For He rules in righteousness,
Rules in love our lives to bless,
His shall be the pow’r that shall fill creation,
Praise Him, for He reigns for aye.


Lift a song of praise today,
At this holy time,
When to Bethl’em far away
Came the Guest divine;
When His star in matchless light
Gemm’d the sky that wondrous night,
“Glory in the highest,” oh, bow before Him,
Christ the Babe of Bethlehem.