Words: , Hymns and Other Stray Vers­es, 1901.

Music: Re­li­ance (Wes­ley), in W. L.’s Col­lect­ion of Tunes, 1719; ar­ranged by in the Eur­o­pe­an Psalm­ist, 1872. Al­­ter­­nate tune:

  • Savile, , in Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern, 1904

Awake, O Lord, as in the time of old!
Come, Holy Spirit, in Thy power and might;
For lack of Thee our hearts are strangely cold,
Our minds but blindly groping towards the light.

Doubts are abroad: make Thou these doubts to cease!
Fears are within: set Thou these fears at rest!
Strife is among us: melt that strife to peace!
Change marches onward: may all change blest!

Make us to be what we profess to be;
Let prayer be prayer, and praise be heartfelt praise;
From unreality, O set us free,
And let our words be echoed by our ways.

Turn us, good Lord, and so shall we be turned:
Let every passion grieving Thee be stilled:
Then shall our race be won, our guerdon earned,
Our Master looked on, and our joy fulfilled.