Words: Un­known au­thor (Ma­tu­tin­us al­ti­o­ra); pub­lished by J. Mas­ters as “King Al­fred’s Hymn, words by O. B. C., music by Dr. Smith” (though there is no known ev­i­dence in­di­cat­ing King Al­fred wrote the La­tin text); adapt­ed by in Hymns for Saints’ Days, and Other Hymns, 1864.

Music: Innocents, The Par­ish Choir, 1850; har­mo­ny by , 1861. Al­ter­nate tune:

If you know J. Mas­ters’ full name, or where to get a pic­ture of him or Ho­ra­tio Nel­son

As the sun doth daily rise,
Brightening all the morning skies,
So to Thee with one accord
Lift we up our hearts, O Lord.

Day by day provide us food,
For from Thee come all things good;
Strength unto our souls afford
From Thy living bread, O Lord.

Be our guard in sin and strife;
Be the leader of our life;
Lest from Thee we stray abroad,
Stay our wayward feet, O Lord.

Quickened by the Spirit’s grace
All Thy holy will to trace
While we daily search Thy Word,
Wisdom true impart, O Lord.

Praise we, with the heavenly host,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost;
Thee would we with one accord
Praise and magnify, O Lord.