Words: , The Christ­ian Psalm­ist, 1825, alt. Orig­in­al ti­tle: “The Christ­ian War­ri­or, See Him Stand.”

Music: Miss­ion­ary Chant, , 1832.

Behold! the Christian warrior stand
In all the armor of his God;
The Spirit’s sword is in his hand;
His feet are with the Gospel shod;

In panoply of truth complete,
Salvation’s helmet on his head;
With righteousness a breastplate meet,
And faith’s broad shield before him spread.

He wrestles not with flesh and blood,
But principalities and powers,
Rulers of darkness, like a flood,
Nigh, and assailing at all hours.

Nor Satan’s fiery darts alone,
Quenched on his shield, at him are hurled;
The traitor in his heart is known,
And the dire friendship of this world.

Undaunted to the field he goes;
Yet vain were skill and valor there,
Unless, to foil his legion foes,
He takes the trustiest weapon: prayer.

With this omnipotence he moves,
From this the alien armies flee,
Till more than conqueror he proves,
Through Christ, who gives him victory.

Thus, strong in his Redeemer’s strength,
Sin, death, and hell he tramples down;
Fights the good fight, and wins at length,
Through mercy, an immortal crown.