Words: , in Se­lect­ion of Hymns from the Best Au­thors, by , 1787.

Music: Abid­ing Grace, , cir­ca 1905.

Come, humble sinner, in whose breast,
A thousand thoughts revolve,
Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed,
And make this last resolve.

I’ll go to Jesus, though my sin
Like mountains round me close;
I know His courts, I’ll enter in,
Whatever may oppose.

Prostrate I’ll lie before His throne,
And there my guilt confess,
I’ll tell Him, I’m a wretch undone,
Without His sovereign grace.

I’ll to the gracious King approach,
Whose scepter pardon gives;
Perhaps he command my touch,
And then the suppliant lives.

Perhaps He will admit my plea,
Perhaps will hear my prayer;
But, if I perish, I will pray,
And perish only there.

I can but perish if I go;
I am resolved to try;
But if I stay away, I know
I must forever die.

But, if I die with mercy sought,
When I the King have tried,
This were to die (delightful thought!)
As sinner never died.