Words: Unknown au­thor, in the Elu­ci­da­tor­i­um of Clich­to­va­eus (Par­is: 1516) (Om­nes una cel­e­brem­us); trans­lat­ed from La­tin to Eng­lish by in the Hymn­a­ry, 1872.

Music: Holy Day (Parker), H. W. Parker, before 1912. Al­ter­nate tune:

If you know the com­pos­er’s full name, or where to get a pho­to of him or Hen­ri­et­ta Ches­ter

Come, let us all with one accord
Adore and magnify the Lord,
And festive service pay.

On this the day that God hath blest,
The day of peace and heavenly rest,
The Lord’s own holy day.

That saw primeval darkness break,
And that more glorious life awake
That lasteth evermore.

That saw hell’s legions prostrate fall,
And Christ, triumphant over all,
His own to heaven restore.

This day the peace that flows from heaven
Was unto the Apostles given,
When doors were closed at night.

This day the Holy Spirit’s flame
Upon the Church’s teachers came,
And filled their souls with light.

Still on this day with trumpet sound
The Gospel notes were ringing round,
To call the world to pray.

Then on this day let us adore
Our God and supplication pour,
That, when worlds pass away,

Through Christ’s dear grace our souls may rest
In peace and joy, forever blest,
Till the great Judgment Day.