Words: , 1892.

Music: Az­mon, , 1828; ar­ranged by , Mo­dern Psalm­ist, 1839.

Come, let us join with faithful souls
Our song of faith to sing;
One brotherhood in heart are we,
And One our Lord and King.

Faithful are all who love the truth,
And dare the truth to tell;
Who steadfast stand at God’s right hand,
And strive to serve Him well.

And faithful are the gentle hearts
To whom the power is given
Of every hearth to make a home
Of every home a heaven.

O mighty host! No tongue can tell
The numbers of its throng;
No words can sound the music vast
Of its great battle song.

From step to step it wins its way
Against a world of sin;
Part of the battlefield is won,
And part is yet to win.

O Lord of hosts, our faith renew,
And grant us in Thy love
To sing the songs of victory
With faithful souls above.