Words: Par­a­phrase of Psalm 140; au­thor un­known.

Music: Munich, Neu­ver­mehrtes Ge­sang­buch (Mein­ing­en, Ger­many: 1693); har­mony by , 1847.

Deliver me from evil, preserve me, Lord, from wrong;
Against the foes that gather be Thou my Helper strong;
From those who plot to hurt me and spread the treacherous snare,
Preserve me, Lord, and keep me safeguarded in Thy care.

O Lord, I have confessed Thee to be my God alone;
O hear my supplication, and be Thy mercy shown;
O God the Lord, my Savior, my Shield amid the strife,
Let not the wicked triumph who plot against my life.

Let evil smite the evil, and cause their overthrow;
The needy and afflicted the Lord will help, I know;
Thy saints, redeemed from evil, their thanks to Thee shall give;
The righteous and the upright shall in Thy presence live.