Words: , Fes­tiv­al and Pen­i­ten­tial Hymns, 1655; it ap­peared, re­writ­ten, in the 1853 Leeds Hymn Book as “De­scend to Thy Je­ru­sa­lem, O Lord,” and in its cur­rent form in the 1868 Sar­um Hymn­al.

Music: Woodlands, , 1916. Alternate tune:

  • Toulon, Ge­ne­van Psalt­er, 1551

Draw nigh to Thy Jerusalem, O Lord,
Thy faithful people cry with one accord;
Ride on in triumph; Lord, behold we lay
Our passions, lusts, and proud wills in Thy way!

Thy road is ready; and Thy paths made straight,
With longing expectation seem to wait
The consecration of Thy beauteous feet,
And silently Thy promised advent greet!

Hosanna! welcome to our hearts! for here
Thou hast a temple, too, as Zion dear;
O enter in, dear Lord, unbar the door;
And in that temple dwell forevermore.