Words: , 1866.

Music: Be­tha­ny (Ma­son), , 1856. Alternate tune:

  • Robin Adair, Gael­ic mel­o­dy

“Jesus, My All” was writ­ten as ear­ly as 1866. Some one was sing­ing the air to the old Scotch song “Ro­bin Adair,” and I re­marked how beau­ti­ful it was. Hen­ry Brown said, “I chall­enge you to write a hymn to that mel­o­dy.” I im­me­di­ate­ly wrote the words.

Lord, at Thy mercy seat, humbly I fall;
Pleading Thy promise sweet, Lord, hear my call;
Now let Thy work begin, oh, make me pure within,
Cleanse me from every sin, Jesus, my all.

Tears of repentant grief, silently fall;
Help Thou my unbelief, hear Thou my call;
Oh, how I pine for Thee! ’Tis all my hope and plea:
Jesus has died for me, Jesus, my all.

Still at Thy mercy seat, Savior, I fall;
Trusting Thy promise sweet, heard is my call;
Faith wings my soul to Thee; this all my song shall be,
Jesus has died for me, Jesus my all.