Words: , cir­ca 1856.

Music: Ado­ra­tion (Doane), (1832-1915). Al­ter­nate tunes:

  • Batty, Mo­ra­vi­an mel­o­dy, 1745
  • Brocklesby, , 1868
  • Stuttgart, in Psalm­o­dia Sac­ra, by , 1715; adapt­ed by (1805-1876)

Jesus only, when the morning
Beams upon the path I tread;
Jesus only, when the darkness
Gathers round my weary head.

Jesus only, when the billows
Cold and sullen o’er me roll;
Jesus only, when the trumpet
Rends the tomb and wakes the soul.

Jesus only, when, adoring,
Saints their crowns before Him bring;
Jesus only, I will, joyous,
Through eternal ages sing.