Words: , in Gos­pel Hymns Nos. 1 to 6 Comp­lete, by , and (Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois: The Big­low and Main Com­pa­ny, 1894), num­ber 141.

Music: Here Is Love, , 1876.

What tho’ clouds are hov’ring o’er me,
And I seem to walk alone—
Longing ’mid my cares and crosses,
For the joys that now are flown—
If I’ve Jesus, “Jesus only,”
Then my sky will have a gem;
He’s a Sun of brightest splendor,
And the Star of Bethlehem.

What tho’ all my earthly journey
Bringeth naught but weary hours,
And, in grasping for life’s roses,
Thorns I find instead of flow’rs—
If I’ve Jesus, “Jesus only,”
I possess a cluster rare;
He’s the “Lily of the Valley,”
And the “Rose of Sharon” fair.

What tho’ all my heart is yearning
For the loved of long ago—
Bitter lessons, sadly learning
From the shadowy page of woe—
If I’ve Jesus, “Jesus only,”
He’ll be with me to the end;
And, unseen by mortal vision,
Angel bands will o’er me bend.

When I soar to realms of glory
And an entrance I await,
If I whisper, “Jesus only!”
Wide will ope the pearly gate;
When I join the heavenly chorus,
And the angel hosts I see,
Precious Jesus, “Jesus only,”
Will my theme of rapture be.