Words: , The Psalms of Da­vid, 1719.

Music: Ab­schied, (1767-1835).

Just are Thy ways, and true Thy Word,
Great Rock of my secure abode:
Who is a god beside the Lord?
Or where’s a refuge like our God?

’Tis He that girds me with His might,
Gives me His holy sword to wield;
And while with sin and hell I fight
Spreads His salvation for my shield.

He lives, and blessèd be my Rock!
The God of my salvation lives:
The dark designs of hell are broke;
Sweet is the peace my Father gives.

Before the scoffers of the age
I will exalt my Father’s Name,
Nor tremble at their mighty rage,
But meet reproach and bear the shame.

To David and his royal seed
Thy grace for ever shall extend;
Thy love to saints in Christ their Head
Knows not a limit, nor an end.