Words: (1719-1749) (Min Blo­dige Kon­ung); trans­lat­ed from Swed­ish to Eng­lish by (1855-1935).

Music: Min Blo­di­ge Ko­nung, (1721-1772). Al­ter­nate tune:

  • Gordon, , 1876

If you know when the words were writ­ten or trans­lat­ed, or where to get a pic­ture of Fred­ri­ka Falck

My crucified Savior, despised and contemned,
Thou innocent victim for sinners condemned,
Thy garments are blood-stained, Thy spirit doth groan,
In agony prostrate, Thou suff’rest alone.

Thou weepest and moanest in conflict and prayer,
And writhest in agony, pain and despair;
In thirty years’ anguish our path Thou hast trod,
And diest at last to redeem us to God.

Our Savior thus finished God’s plan with our race,
And laid the foundation for pardon and grace.
And then rose triumphant, the conquering Lord,
Appeased the Creator and mankind restored.

Restored to the bliss that was lost in the fall,
Yea, greater, for Jesus prepared for us all
Eternal salvation and mansions above;
Come, poor, burdened sinners, rejoice in His love.

Yea, come, trembling sinner, come just as thou art,
Thy cares and thy sorrows to Jesus impart;
In Him seek salvation from death and the grave,
For Jesus is willing and mighty to save.