Words: , 1875.

Music: Be­a­ti Im­ma­cu­la­ti, , Psalm Tunes for the Voice and Pi­an­o­for­te, cir­ca 1836. Al­ter­nate tune:

  • St. Tim­o­thy,

My Father, for another night
Of quiet sleep and rest,
For all the joy of morning light,
Thy holy Name be blest.

Now with the newborn day I give
Myself anew to Thee,
That as Thou willest I may live,
And what Thou willest be.

Whate’er I do, things great or small,
Whate’er I speak or frame,
Thy glory may I seek in all,
Do all in Jesus’ Name.

My Father, for His sake, I pray
Thy child accept and bless;
And lead me by Thy grace today
In paths of righteousness.