Words: (1878-1945) and .

Music: Hes­perus, , 1854; first pub­lished in A Hymn­al for Use in the Eng­lish Church, by J. Grey, 1866. Alternate tunes:

My Lord, I do not ask to stand
As king or prince of high degree;
I only pray that hand in hand
A child and I may come to Thee.

To teach a tender voice to pray,
Two childish eyes Thy face to see—
Two feet to guide in Thy straight way;
This fervently I ask of Thee.

O grant Thy patience to impart
Thy holy law, Thy words of truth;
Give, Lord, Thy grace, that my whole heart
May overflow with love for youth.

As step by step we tread the way,
Trusting, and confident, and free
A child and I shall, day by day,
Find sweet companionship with Thee.