Words: (348-cir­ca 413) (Nox et ten­e­brae et nu­bi­la); trans­lat­ed from La­tin to Eng­lish by , Ly­ra Ca­thol­i­ca, 1849. The mod­i­fied trans­la­tion by , in his Hymns of the Spir­it, 1864, is giv­en be­low.

Music: Fes­tus, from a Ger­man chor­ale in the Mo­rav­i­an Psalt­er.

Now with creation’s morning song
Let us, as children of the day,
With wakened heart and purpose strong,
The works of darkness cast away.

O may the morn so pure, so clear,
Its own sweet calm in us instill!
A guileless mind, a heart sincere,
Simplicity of word and will.

And ever, as the day glides by,
May we the busy senses rein;
Keep guard upon the hand and eye,
Nor let the conscience suffer stain.

Grant us, O God, in love to Thee,
Clear eyes to measure things below;
Faith, the invisible to see;
And wisdom, Thee in all to know.