Words: ; written in 1870 for Church Hymns, but first pub­lished in Rev. R. Brown-Borth­wick’s Select Hymns, 1871.

Music: Hil­der­stone, , 1713.

Praise to our God, whose bounteous hand
Prepared of old our glorious land;
A garden fenced with silver sea;
A people prosperous, strong, and free.

Praise to our God; through all our past
His mighty arm hath held us fast;
Till wars and perils, toils and tears,
Have brought the rich and peaceful years.

Praise to our God; the vine He set
Within our coasts is fruitful yet;
On many a shore her offshoots grow;
’Neath many a sun her clusters glow.

Praise to our God; His power alone
Can keep unmoved our ancient throne,
Sustained by counsels wise and just,
And guarded by a people’s trust.

Praise to our God; Who still forbears
Who still this sinful nation spares,
Who calls us still to seek His face,
And lengthens out our day of grace.

Praise to our God; through chastenings stern
Our evil dross should thoroughly burn,
His rod and staff, from age to age,
Shall rule and guide His heritage!