Mater­i­al on our site which does not have a co­py­right no­tice may be con­sid­ered in the pu­blic do­main. You may post our pub­lic do­main MIDI files, scores, pic­tures, etc. on ano­ther Web site, pro­vid­ed you at­trib­ute them to NetHymnal & in­clude a link to

The de­sign & HTML code of our Web pages are co­py­right­ed, & may not be re­pro­duced. Other co­py­right­ed material is clear­ly marked as such, & is sub­ject to the us­u­al, un­for­tu­nate, le­gal restrictions.

The site name is trade­marked to pro­tect our con­tin­ued abil­i­ty to use it, since some un­e­thi­cal peo­ple have cre­at­ed links with NetHymn­al name that lead to other sites.


We have tried to be extremely careful to include only material:



  • Which is in the public domain. This in­cludes ma­ter­i­al which pre-dates cop­y­right laws, and ma­ter­i­al whose co­py­right has ex­pired. In the Unit­ed States, ma­ter­i­al dat­ed 1922 or ear­li­er is usu­al­ly in the pub­lic domain; other count­ries’ laws vary.OR
  • For which we have the co­py­right hold­er’s per­miss­ion; per­miss­ions are shown on the in­di­vid­u­al hymn pag­es.

In some cas­es, we could not ful­ly trace the or­i­gin of a hymn, but due to its source, it is be­lieved to be in the pub­lic do­main. If we have in­ad­ver­tent­ly in­cluded a work with a co­py­right still in force, let us know & we will re­move it im­med­i­ate­ly. If any co­py­right in­fringe­ment has oc­curred, it was unin­ten­tion­al. This site’s pur­pose is to provide a wor­ship and teach­ing re­source, and help ad­vance God’s king­dom.


To repeat: Please do not down­load or re­pro­duce any ma­ter­i­al with a co­py­right no­tice, un­less the no­tice grants per­miss­ion to do so. How­ev­er, the vast ma­jor­i­ty of the ma­ter­i­al in NetHymn­al is in the pub­lic do­main, so en­joy!