1. Advent Tells Us, Christ Is Near
  2. As Oft, with Worn and Weary Feet
  3. Awhile in Spirit, Lord, to Thee
  4. By Precepts Taught of Ages Past
  5. Christian, Dost Thou See Them?
  6. Fain Would I, Lord of Grace
  7. Fast, as Taught by Holy Lore, The
  8. Father Most High, Be with Us
  9. Father, Whose Love We Have Wronged by Transgression
  10. Forty Days and Forty Nights
  11. Heavenly Father, Bless Me Now
  12. Glory of These Forty Days, The
  13. Good It Is to Keep the Fast
  14. Jesu, Our Lenten Fast of Thee
  15. Jesus, Grant That Balm and Healing
  16. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
  17. Lo! Now Is Our Accepted Day
  18. Lo! Now the Time Accepted Peals
  19. Lord, in This Thy Mercy’s Day
  20. Lord Jesus Christ, My Life, My Light
  21. Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
  22. My Sins Have Taken Such a Hold On Me
  23. Now Is the Healing Time Decreed
  24. O Help Us Lord, Each Hour of Need
  25. O Jesu Christ, from Thee Began
  26. O Kind Creator, Bow Thine Ear
  27. O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God
  28. O Lord, Turn Not Thy Face from Me
  29. O Merciful Creator, Hear
  30. O Thou Who Dost to Man Accord
  31. Once More the Solemn Season Calls
  32. Out of the Depths to Thee I Cry
  33. Righteous Father, We Have Wronged Thee
  34. Searcher of Hearts, from Mine Erase
  35. Soul of Jesus, Make Me Whole
  36. Sweet Savior! in Thy Pitying Grace
  37. Th’abyss of Many a Former Sin
  38. To My Humble Supplication
  39. When At Thy Footstool, Lord, I Bend
  40. When O’er My Sins I Sorrow