1. All That I Was
  2. Ancient Law Departs, The
  3. Back to the Blessèd Old Bible
  4. Be Now Imitators of Your Lord
  5. Be True and List
  6. Blest Are the Pure, Whose Hearts Are Clean
  7. Clean Heart, A
  8. Cleansing for Me
  9. Clothe Yourself with Humility
  10. Fountain of Purity
  11. Give Me a New, a Perfect Heart
  12. God of All Power and Truth and Grace
  13. He Wills That I Should Holy Be
  14. Help Me to Be Holy
  15. Holiness Becomes Thy House
  16. Holiness Unto the Lord
  17. Holy, and True, and Righteous Lord
  18. Holy Lamb, Who Thee Receive
  19. How the Fire Fell
  20. I Walk the King’s Highway
  21. Judge Me, O Lord, and Prove My Ways
  22. King of the City Splendid
  23. Look for the Beautiful
  24. Lord, Thou Hast Seen My Soul Sincere
  25. Lord, Who Shall Come to Thee?
  26. No Compromise
  27. O God, Most Merciful and True
  28. O God of Light
  29. O Thou Who Hast Thy Servants Taught
  30. Oh, Bliss of the Purified
  31. Purer in Heart, O God
  32. Pure Within
  33. Purer Yet and Purer
  34. Sanctifying Power
  35. Search Me, O Lord
  36. So Let Our Lips and Lives Express
  37. Take Time to Be Holy
  38. Thou Didst Teach the Thronging People
  39. Walking in the King’s Highway
  40. Watched by the World’s Malignant Eye
  41. What Is Our Calling’s Glorious Hope?
  42. Whatever Dims Thy Sense of Truth
  43. White as the Wings of a Dove
  44. Who, O Lord, with Thee Abiding
  45. Who Shall Ascend Thy Heav’nly Place?
  46. Ye Children, Come, Give Ear to Me