God the King

  1. Adopted
  2. Always and Ever
  3. Child of the King, A
  4. Come, Thou Almighty King
  5. Earth Belongs to the Lord, The
  6. Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round
  7. God Eternal, Mighty King
  8. God Is Still On the Throne
  9. God, My King, Thy Might Confessing
  10. God, the Blessed and Only Ruler
  11. God, the Lord, a King Remaineth
  12. God the Lord Is King
  13. Goodly Theme Is Mine, A
  14. Great Jehovah, Mighty Lord
  15. Great King of Nations, Hear Our Prayer
  16. Hark, the Voice Eternal
  17. Hymn to a Gracious Sovereign
  18. In Righteous Glory Reigning
  19. In the Heav’ns the Lord Almighty
  20. Isaiah, Mighty Seer
  21. Isles of the Deep, Rejoice!
  22. Jehovah Reigns in Majesty
  23. Jehovah Reigns—He Dwells in Light
  24. Jehovah Reigns, Let Earth Be Glad
  25. Jehovah Sits Enthroned
  26. Keep Silence, All Created Things
  27. King of Glory, King of Peace
  28. King of Kings
  29. King of Zion
  30. King’s Business, The
  31. Lead On, O King Eternal
  32. Let God Arise, and by His Might
  33. Let Sion in Her King Rejoice
  34. Let the Whole Creation Cry
  35. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates
  36. Lord Almighty Reigns, The
  37. Lord in Zion Reigneth, The
  38. Lord Is King!, the (Conder)
  39. Lord Is King!, the (Crosby)
  40. Lord Is King!, the (Terry)
  41. Lord Jehovah Reigns, The
  42. Lord, Thy Church Hath Seen Thee Rise
  43. Now Be My Heart Inspired to Sing
  44. O Come and Sing to God, the Lord
  45. O for a Shout of Sacred Joy
  46. O Glorious King of Martyr Hosts
  47. O God, My Heavenly King
  48. O Heavenly King, Look Down from Above
  49. O King Most High of Earth and Sky
  50. O King of Kings, Before Whose Throne
  51. O Lord, Our Heav’nly King
  52. O God, Thou Art Our King of Old
  53. O Lord of Hosts, All Heaven Possessing
  54. O Lord of Hosts, Almighty King
  55. O Lord, Thou Art My God and King
  56. O Worship the King
  57. Our God Reigns
  58. Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven
  59. Rejoice, the Lord Is King
  60. Thou Art the Mighty King of Kings
  61. Thou, O Lord, Art God Alone
  62. Thy God Reigneth!
  63. Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful and Loyal
  64. Ye Gates, Lift Your Heads
  65. Zion’s King Shall Reign Victorious