God the Refuge

  1. All Praise to Him Who Dwells in Bliss
  2. As the Bird Flies Home
  3. Dear Father, to Thy Mercy Seat
  4. Dread Jehovah, God of Nations
  5. Flee as a Bird
  6. God Is a Stronghold and a Tower
  7. God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength
  8. God Our Refuge
  9. Good Man’s Steps Are Led Aright, The
  10. Hail, Sovereign Love
  11. He Will Hide Me
  12. Hear, Lord, the Voice of My Complaint
  13. Hear, O Lord, Our Supplication
  14. Hide Me
  15. Hide Thou Me
  16. Hiding in Thee
  17. How Blest the Man Who Thoughtfully
  18. In the Midst of Earthly Life
  19. In the Secret of His Presence
  20. In the Shadow of His Wings
  21. In Thy Holy Keeping
  22. Jehovah Is My Light
  23. Just Are Thy Ways
  24. Like a Bird to Thee
  25. Long Did I Toil
  26. Lord, Hear Me in Distress
  27. Lord, Hear the Right
  28. Make Haste, O My God, to Deliver
  29. Man Who Once Has Found Abode, The
  30. May Thy Church Our Shelter Be
  31. Mighty Fortress Is Our God, A
  32. My God, in Whom Are All the Springs
  33. My God! Permit My Tongue
  34. My Heart’s Dear Home
  35. My Refuge Is the God of Love
  36. My Soul with Expectation
  37. My Trust Is in the Lord
  38. Now from the Roaring Lion’s Rage
  39. O Fly to Him
  40. O God, Be Merciful to Me
  41. O God, Regard My Humble Plea
  42. O Happy Nation
  43. O Lord, Give Ear Unto My Voice
  44. O Lord Most High
  45. O Lord, Our Father, Shall We Be Confounded?
  46. O Lord, Thou Judge
  47. O Save Me by Thy Name
  48. Our God, to Whom We Turn
  49. Protect and Save Me, O My God
  50. Safe in Jehovah’s Keeping
  51. Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still, A
  52. Save Me, O Lord, from Every Foe
  53. See the Gloomy Gathering Cloud
  54. Sweetly Resting
  55. There Is a Safe and Secret Place
  56. Thou Art My Hiding Place, O Lord
  57. To God My Earnest Voice I Raise
  58. To the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
  59. We Love, Thee Lord, and We Adore
  60. When in the Hour of Utmost Need
  61. When Morning Lights the Eastern Skies
  62. Ye Humble Souls, Approach Your God