Christ’s Call

  1. Are You Listening?
  2. As a Volunteer
  3. Beautiful Words of Jesus
  4. Behold Me Standing At the Door
  5. Behold, the Master Passeth By
  6. By Grace I Will
  7. Call of the Christ, The
  8. Callest Thou?
  9. Calling Now
  10. Calling Thee
  11. “Come”
  12. Come, Come Away!
  13. Come, Said Jesus’ Sacred Voice
  14. Come to the Master
  15. Come Unto Me, Ye Weary (Dix)
  16. Come Unto Me, Ye Weary (Crosby)
  17. Far from God, Away from Jesus
  18. Forward, Men and Brothers!
  19. Gladly We Will Go
  20. Hark! He Is Calling
  21. He Sat to Watch O’er Customs Paid
  22. His Yoke Is Easy
  23. Jesus Calls Thee
  24. Jesus Calls Us
  25. Jesus Is Calling
  26. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home
  27. Jesus of Nazareth Passeth By
  28. Knocking, Knocking, Who Is There?
  29. Listen, He’s Calling
  30. Lo, a Loving Friend Is Waiting
  31. Master’s Call, The
  32. O Jesus, Thou Art Standing
  33. O What a Savior
  34. Oh! Come to the Merciful Savior
  35. Oh, Come Today
  36. Out On the Desert
  37. Praise, Praise His Name
  38. Savior Calls, The
  39. Seeking, Calling, Knocking
  40. Seeking for Me
  41. Shepherd Now Was Smitten, The
  42. Slighted Stranger, The
  43. So Near to the Kingdom
  44. Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling
  45. Someone’s Last Call
  46. Sometime (Hewitt)
  47. Strive Aright When God Doth Call
  48. Sweeter Than All
  49. There Were Twelve Disciples
  50. Today the Savior Calls
  51. Up and Away
  52. We Have a Message
  53. What Will You Do with Jesus? (Norton)
  54. Why Not Now?
  55. You Ought to Know Him