Christ’s Death

  1. Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?
  2. All Because of Calvary
  3. All Is O’er, the Pain, the Sorrow
  4. All Ye That Pass By
  5. Alone
  6. And Now, Beloved Lord, Thy Soul Resigning
  7. At Calvary
  8. At the Cross, Her Station Keeping
  9. Battle of Calvary, The
  10. Behold! Behold the Lamb of God
  11. Behold Him Now On Yonder Tree
  12. Behold the Savior of Mankind
  13. Blessed Calvary
  14. Blessed Redeemer
  15. Bound Upon the Accursed Tree
  16. Broken Heart, The
  17. Buried with Christ
  18. By Jesus’ Grave On Either Hand
  19. Calvary
  20. Christ, the Life of All the Living
  21. Come, All Harmonious Tongues
  22. Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain
  23. Darkly Rose the Guilty Morning
  24. Dying Robber Raised His Aching Brow, The
  25. Extended On a Cursèd Tree
  26. Father, Forgive, the Savior Said
  27. Forgive Them, O My Father
  28. From Calvary a Cry Was Heard
  29. From Highest Heaven
  30. Gethsemane
  31. Hark! the Voice of Love and Mercy
  32. He Gave His Life for Thee
  33. He Never Said a Mumbalin’ Word
  34. He Was Nailed to the Cross for Me
  35. His Are the Thousand Sparkling Rills
  36. How Can I Look On Calvary’s Cross?
  37. I Gave My Life for Thee
  38. I Love You, Christ, My Crucified
  39. I Remember Calvary
  40. I Saw One Hanging On a Tree
  41. In His Own Raiment Clad
  42. In the Lord’s Atoning Grief
  43. Into the Woods
  44. It Is Finished
  45. It Is Finished, All the Pain
  46. It Is Finished! Blessed Jesus
  47. It Is Finished! Man of Sorrows
  48. Jesus, I Will Ponder Now
  49. Jesus, in Thy Dying Woes
  50. Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth, A
  51. Lead Me to Calvary
  52. Let Me Dwell On Golgotha
  53. Lord Jesus, We Give Thanks to Thee
  54. Lord Jesus, When We Stand Afar
  55. Lord, Through This Holy Week of Our Salvation
  56. Lord, When Thy Kingdom Comes
  57. Low in Thine Agony
  58. More Marred Than Any Man’s
  59. My Crucified Savior
  60. My Lord, My Master, At Thy Feet Adoring
  61. My Savior! I Behold Thy Life
  62. My Sins Laid Open to the Rod
  63. Nailed to the Cross
  64. Near the Cross, Her Vigil Keeping
  65. Near the Cross Was Mary Weeping
  66. Night, with Ebon Pinion
  67. Now Let Our Mournful Songs Record
  68. Now, My Soul, Thy Voice Upraising
  69. O Christ, What Burdens Bowed Thy Head
  70. O Come and Mourn with Me
  71. O Darkest Woe
  72. O Dearest Jesus
  73. O God, My God, Wherefore Dost Thou
  74. O My Savior, Lifted
  75. O Perfect Life of Love
  76. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
  77. O Savior, Where Shall Guilty Man
  78. O Scorned and Outcast Lord
  79. O Sinner, Lift the Eye of Faith
  80. O Teach Me What It Meaneth
  81. O Thou, the Eternal Son of God
  82. O Thou, Who Through This Holy Week
  83. O Thou Whose Offering On the Tree
  84. O’erwhelmed in Depths of Woe
  85. On My Heart Imprint Thine Image
  86. On the Cross of Calvary
  87. Our Blessèd Savior Seven Times Spoke
  88. Our Sins, Our Sorrows, Lord
  89. Pardon On Calvary
  90. Purple Robe, A
  91. Ride On, Ride On in Majesty!
  92. Royal Banners Forward Go, The
  93. Save Me, O God, the Swelling Floods
  94. See Him in Raiment Rent
  95. See the Destined Day Arise
  96. Stretched On the Cross, the Savior Dies
  97. Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted
  98. That Man of Calvary
  99. There Is a Green Hill Far Away
  100. There’s a Hill Lone and Grey
  101. Throne for Calvary, A
  102. Throned Upon the Awful Tree
  103. ’Tis Finished! so the Savior Cried
  104. ’Tis Finished! the Messiah Dies
  105. To Calvary, Lord, in Spirit Now
  106. True Messiah Now Appears, The
  107. Upon the Cross Extended
  108. Voice Upon the Midnight Air, A
  109. We Worship Thee, O Crucified
  110. Weep Not for Him Who Onward Bears
  111. Were You There?
  112. When I See My Savior
  113. When My Love to God Grows Weak
  114. When the Burden Bearer Came
  115. Who Is This Man of Sorrows?
  116. Who Will Suffer with the Savior?
  117. Why Has My God My Soul Forsook?
  118. Within My Heart, O Lord, Fulfill
  119. Wounded for Me
  120. Wounded for Our Transgressions
  121. Ye That Pass by, Behold the Man